Editorial Policy

The Defensor Editorial Policy

Responsibilities of a Free Student Press:  A primary communication link between Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School (BSCHS) and its community, this online newspaper accepts the responsibilities inherent in being a free press.  The Defensor staff strives to produce a professional-quality publication that follows the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.  The students on The Defensor staff will print articles which have been researched to the best of their ability to obtain the most complete information.

  • The information will be presented in an objective, truthful and fair manner.
  • When personal commentary is given it will be on issues that have been researched, analyzed and where expert opinion has been sought, then presented with the best ability of the writer. All opinion or commentary will be clearly labeled.  These views are those of the author and not intended to reflect the views of the administration of BSCHS or the Diocese of Richmond.
  • Material which is obscene, libelous or will cause substantial disruption to the school day, according to accepted legal definitions, will not be printed.
  • Correction of Errors: The staff makes every effort to print accurate information.  Errors will be corrected immediately upon notification.
  • Non-staff contributions: bylined opinion-editorials and photographs are welcome.

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