Relationships? Mixed with High School?

By Emma Davis

Dating in itself is already stressful enough, but dating as a teenager? Lord have mercy. Girls in a tornado of emotions, boys in their awkward sexuality phase; one looking for love and the other for lust. Is it worth it? Should you wait until college to date? What if you date but go to different schools? Maybe dating is just a waste of time…or maybe it’s not.

When it comes to the topic of dating, particularly as a young adult, there a lot of opinions.

Thinking from a romantic perspective, it’s a lot of fun thinking your future husband could turn out to be the guy you sit behind in English class. Dating in high school not only gives you the chance to find out your likes and dislikes, but if you do meet someone who gives you butterflies and it all works out, it gives you the chance to grow up with them. I certainly love thinking about my future husband; my boyfriend and I joke all the time about the cute mixed babies we are going to have.

Let’s get technical shall we? According to, in our teen years our brain is developing new thinking skills; due to the increase in brain matter, the teen brain becomes more interconnected and gains processing power. A teen’s decision making is more influenced by emotion than rationality because our brain relies on the emotional seat of the brain versus the rational prefrontal cortex. Not only this, but as a teen our feelings are much more intense. Due to the fact that we are still going through puberty and the part of our brain where emotions come from takes more dominance.

No matter how hard one wishes, dating is not like it is in the movies where people move across the country to be with you or make grand gestures to prove their love. Of course that isn’t to say those people don’t exist at all. Heck, if one is found I’d like to meet him. After all, everything comes with a good and bad side, dating included.

Speaking from my experience, I dated a boy for almost two years and he cheated on me multiple times. Not only this, but he lied to me numerous upon numerous times. But, again, this does not always happen, either.

But, either way be choosy! However, if a beautiful love does blossom in one’s youth, we can’t forget the limitations and restrictions parents and money set on us. As teenagers we do not have total freedom, as we can only do what our parents allow; and unless we have jobs, our date money isn’t exactly growing on trees.

According to, “less than 2% of marriages are actually to a high school sweetheart.” Now, the number might be small, but it’s still there, right?

Mr. and Mrs. Davis in high school

Jeffrey and Robin Davis met in their freshman year of high school and have been inseparable since. You’d imagine being with the same person for so long would eventually get boring, but these love birds never stop laughing when in each other’s company. How did this perfect match meet?

“It was the end of freshman year of high school and my best friend invited med to a party, there was a band playing and she liked the drummer and she wanted to introduce me to the guitar player, who is my husband today,” said Mrs. Davis.

 How long did they date and when did they decide to get engaged?

“We dated for nine years, and got engaged in college,” Mrs. Davis said.

Nine years? Now that’s commitment! What does dating in high school teach you?

Davis 2
Mr. and Mrs. Davis today

You grow up with the person and that makes it a really tight bond. It taught us dedication and communication, because high school is such a changing time you have to be openly communicating so you are on the same page and going in the same direction if you want to be with that person,” said Mrs. Davis.

Despite the odds, love is still a beautiful thing. There are a lot of people in the world who still have yet to discover what love is, but maybe with this article in mind teens like me can assess whether or not they want to discover its meaning now or wait for later years. Keep in mind that love is a double edged sword; loving someone means giving someone your heart, giving them the power to hurt you, but trusting them not to.

As quoted by R.D. Clyde: “The greatest joy of life is to love and be loved.”

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