Living a Double Life

By Brittney Irizarry

Although junior theology teacher Emily Mislan isn’t quite living the double life of Hannah Montana, Miz Mizz, as the students call her, lives in two different worlds: singing in her free time while being a full time teacher.

Ms. Mislan is a teacher by day and a singer by night. On weekends Ms. Mislan performs for retreats, school functions, and events such as wedding receptions.

From balancing lesson plans, grading, and conveying essential information to her students, Ms. Mislan somehow also manages to perform. Time management is key.

“I save up my sick days and use them to travel and perform,” said Ms. Mislan.

As a child, Ms. Mislan was involved in the choir at her Church. Her parents found her voice beautiful and wanted her to pursue a life in the spotlight. Her father wanted her to produce YouTube videos to hopefully get recognized.

“Ms. Mislan’s voice is beautiful,” said senior Alison Jones.

Many teenagers dream of auditioning for American Idol, and Ms Mislan was no different.  But for her this was an attainable goal given her melodious voice and determination. Although this dream never came true, she might have made it big!

In the spotlight, Ms. Mislan seems fearless, but on the inside fear grips her. When she opens her mouth though, all the fear goes away and her natural instinct takes over. As Ms. Mislan starts to sing it becomes second nature to her, she does not have to think about it.

Ms. Mislan plans to stay a teacher and simultaneously a singer, evangelizing the faith to others through her voice.

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