The Life of a Student-Athlete-Volunteer

By Brittany Gaughan

More than 7.6 million high-school students play sports.  High-school students have a lot of stressful things in their lives, but some choose to participate in sports.  Some kids in our school play sports, hold leadership positions, and have amazing grades, like senior Keagan Hughes.

Ms. Hughes participates in cheer in the fall and winter, and lacrosse in the spring, practicing about 10 hours a week each season.  

“My favorite sport memory from high school was beating Norfolk Academy twice in lacrosse last year!” said  Ms.Hughes.

In addition, Ms. Hughes is taking AP Environmental, AP German, AP Calculus, English, Theology, and Government; and is Secretary of the SCA.  She is able to manage school work, sports, and volunteer responsibilities because she has learned to manage her time.

The super-organized Ms. Hughes

Ms. Hughes has great time management and organizational skills.  Every night, Ms. Hughes puts her phone down at 7:30 p.m. so she can focus on homework.  She has two different planners, and color codes certain activities based on what they are.  

Ms. Hughes wants to attend College of Charleston.  She said is not going to miss playing sports in college because she will be able to attend games as a fan.  

Ms. Hughes is a role model for excellent time management for younger kids in high school.


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