College Football in Their Future?

By Nehki Meredith and Alonzo Roane

Many players on the Bishop Sullivan football team go on college visits. A visit takes place when a player has interest in a college and the college has genuine interest in the player. The coach reaches out to the student-athlete to invite them to a football game and then they spend time together after the game to build a bond so that the player considers coming to the school.

Sophomore Sheridan Jones, a five star cornerback from Bishop Sullivan, just went on an official visit to the 6th ranked team in the nation, Penn State. Mr. Jones is listed at 6’0, 165 pounds.

Sheridan 1
Mr. Jones

“It was an amazing experience from beginning to the end, the fans and the atmosphere were out of control,” Mr. Jones said.

Mr. Jones is ranked the #1 cornerback in the nation; the #3 overall player in Virginia; and is currently ranked 34 overall player in the country by 247sports. Mr. Jones holds offers from all over the country from big household names like Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State. Mr. Jones currently has 13 offers and, his career is  just getting started.

Mr. Jones has taken visits to schools all around the country from the SEC to the Big 10.

Many may not know this, but Mr. Jones is not only a sound football player, he’s academically sound as well. Mr. Jones reflects on his past visit from Penn State.

Mr. Jones also feels the coaching staff  at Penn State is something that caught his eye.

“They seem like very relatable people on and off the field that I can really can grow with,” Mr. Jones said.

Mr. Jones also got a chance to talk to a few of the coaches. “Coach Smith, Gattis, and Coach Franklin said Penn State is the place to be!” Mr. Jones said.

Another plus for Mr. Jones that he was really interested in was the food Penn State had served. 

“They had the best choice of food I’ve ever had on a visit, from their chocolate milk to their lemonade and wings. It was scud,” Mr. Jones said.

The highlight of Mr.Jones’ day was the defense. “I learned a lot from watching the defense in this game and they played lights out ball all night,” Mr.Jones said.

Last but not least, Mr.Jones also got a chance to chat it up with some other recruits.

“I got to see my boy Chris Tyree again and some other 2020 recruits,” Mr.Jones said.

If you want to see what’s the hype about with Mr. Jones here’s a video:

Another student who recently visited a college football program is Valerian “Vj” Johnson, a reclassed sophomore, who is a force to be reckoned with in this recruiting world.

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson has been to many colleges around the country, but most recently he attended the prestigious Duke University, Home of the Blue Devils.

“I enjoyed it because of the good food and the good game,” said Mr.Johnson.

He said he wasn’t actually interested in the school and that he couldn’t see himself there for the next 3-5 years of his life. He did like the coaching staff, though.

“I like how the coaching staff makes everything into a competition,” said Mr.Johnson. Similar to the coaches at Bishop Sullivan which he plays. He loves competition.

Mr. Johnson holds two offers: The University of Maryland and Florida Atlantic University. But expect that list to grow at the end of his football season.  He has not received an offer from Duke.

“No, they have not extended an offer, just interest. They can’t contact me because I am still an underclassman,” said Mr. Johnson.  

He is leaning towards Maryland because it’s closer to home and he likes the school’s atmosphere.

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