Volleyball to States!

By Ursula Turner

Bishop Sullivan Catholic High has been open since 1993 and for the first time the girls varsity volleyball team made it to States. The team of 14 talented ladies worked hard to get to this point.  Here’s the wrap-up.

Prior to Tuesday’s big game:

“We are very excited for this opportunity and although the odds are against us we are going to go at it as hard as we can,” said one of the team’s returning seniors Anna Monacchio.

As a captain of the team myself, I too am very excited to help carry the team to States, this could be a big impact for the school if we make it past the first round. In the first round we play the number one ranked team Flint Hill. A very good preparatory school we will have a definite fight for the win, but I have no doubt that the team can pull together and bring the energy we need.

“It’s a great opportunity and gives us a chance to see how girls at a higher level play, and see how much they have accomplished in their high school careers,” said co-captain Brittany Marshall.

After the Epic Loss on Tuesday:

Although the trip was a long three hours, our team was ready for battle. Sadly, the battle was short and hard, our team lost in three games. We drove back and ended our season with a meal at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Great season, ladies, I wish y’all the best of luck next season!

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