The Lucky Lusk

By Kenan Sarvan

Assistant boys’ basketball coach, Mr. Lusk is also a first year history teacher at Bishop Sullivan. A former high school player, Mr. Lusk has been coaching basketball for the past 12 years and has a lot of knowledge about the game.

What does he expect to see this season on the BSCHS court?

“I expect to see well-oiled machines, on and off the court, and to have better results this year without any distractions,” said Mr. Lusk.

Mr. Lusk went to State College High School in Pennsylvania. He played basketball for four years there.

“I had 222 assists in one year,” said Mr. Lusk.

After Mr. Lusk finished high school he went to Penn State University.

“I finished a bachelor’s degree in education,” said Mr. Lusk.

Mr. Lusk graduated from Penn State in 2010 and moved to Tennessee with his wife, Rita, for three years.

Why Tennessee? “Because my wife went to graduate school at the University of Tennessee,” said Mr. Lusk.

While in Tennessee, Mr. Lusk was an assistant basketball coach and credit recovery teacher for at-risk students. When Mr. Lusk’s wife finished grad school she accepted a job at the Norfolk Shipyard, which is what brought them to Virginia.

Curious about Mr. Lusk’s favorite basketball team off all time?

“The 2003 Kentucky basketball team, because I loved watching Cliff Hawkins. He was one of the best on-ball defenders I ever seen,” said Mr. Lusk. “But my favorite team to watch was the Chicago bulls ‘98.”

Besides basketball, Mr. Lusk is a quiet man who reads historical fiction and watches football.

“I wanted to be a history teacher because there are always misconceptions about history,” said Mr. Lusk.

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