TCIS update from Dr. Fallon

By Claire Hudson and Phillip Le

We sat down again with Dr. Fallon on October 16 to get an update about Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School’s relationship with the Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools (TCIS). He reached out to all TCIS schools through letters asking them to lift the three year suspension in mid-October.

“I had a great meeting with two members of the TCIS group and I have requested from all of the heads of school in TCIS that they lift our suspension.  I just sent letters to each of the schools asking to lift all suspensions, except for football,” said Dr. Fallon.

TCIS is an athletic conference consisting of 11 schools: Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School, Greenbrier Christian Academy, Cape Henry Collegiate, Hampton Roads Academy, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Norfolk Academy, Norfolk Christian School, Norfolk Collegiate Schools, Peninsula Catholic High School, Walsingham Academy, and Steward School.

Norfolk Catholic High School, the predecessor of BSCHS, was a charter member of TCIS.

Competing sports include Boys’ Volleyball, Girls’ Volleyball, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer, Cross Country, Wrestling, Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Swimming, Girls’ Softball, Boys’ Baseball, Boys’ Lacrosse, Girls’ Lacrosse, Boys’ Tennis, Girls’ Tennis, Track, Golf, Field Hockey, and Football.

Will football be back in league play?

For now, football will continue to compete independently, as “football will take a couple of years to fix,” Dr. Fallon told us.  “The issue with football was we got so successful and so big that no one in the conference was willing to play us.  What I’m trying to do is to get the suspension lifted for all teams except for football.”

Dr. Fallon is awaiting a response from the TCIS member.  We can only watch as time goes by to see if the suspension will be lifted. Stay tuned.

Fallon & Philip
Mr. Le and Dr. Fallon on the court.


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