The Choice to Be Prepared

By Cedric Heurtelou

There have been many debates over how hard it is to transition from a public school to a private school.  

To get an idea of what it is like, I sat down with sophomore Niko McKay who came to Bishop Sullivan from Hickory High School, a public school  in Chesapeake, as a Freshman. Mr. McKay is a student-athlete who plays football.

After transferring from Hickory, Mr. McKay felt reclassing was his best option to prepare for college.  His older brother, Demetrius McKay, previously attended Bishop Sullivan.

Mr. McKay said he transferred, “To better my education, to prepare myself mentally and physically for college.  It was a challenge coming from Hickory to Bishop Sullivan, more so of an upgrade.”

Mr. McKay was prepared to adjust to a mentality where he could take on any challenges coming at him.

“I heard it was hard from my brother, so I was expecting a lot of work, more than ever before, “ said Mr. McKay.

Although Hickory is a good public school, did he feel like it would help get him prepared for college as well as Bishop Sullivan?

“Heck no,” said Mr. McKay,


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