The Cooking Scientist

By Ursula Turner

Jack Sullivan, a 20 year old junior attending Virginia Tech is a sight for all eyes.  Mr. Sullivan is a local of Virginia Beach and misses his family friends and the waves. Graduate of Cox High School, Mr. Sullivan knew that Virginia Tech was where he wanted to continue his education.

Once arriving at Virginia Tech, Mr. Sullivan was able to pick up the sport of intramural waterpolo and further his education in the field of nanoscience. Mr. Sullivan finds that the school gives him opportunities to enjoy life and get a good education. At Virginia Tech Mr. Sullivan likes to spend his time eating good food in the town and having a blast at tailgates.

Mr. Sullivan is part of the fraternity, Sigma Chi,  that raised $40,000 for cancer research and awareness. He finds that the fraternity builds character and bonds that will last him a lifetime.  

Mr. Sullivan with his sister Caroline at a fraternity event in September.

Mr. Sullivan also finds himself sometimes missing his friends and especially his family.

“My mom has such a big influence on me and I miss her alot,” said Mr. Sullivan.

Mr. Sullivan recalls that his mother taught him a lot but the thing that stuck with him through college was the fact of being independent. He is thankful for his mother for allowing him to be an individual throughout high school, which transferred into college allowing him to have a better experience.

Mr. Sullivan has a 3.1 GPA and strives to one day get his PhD.  But enough about his academic and college life.

Mr. Sullivan has a couple special talents up his sleeve. First of all, he can cook. A man that can cook? Now, that is a keeper. Mr. Sullivan says he likes to cook for friends and family but never just for himself most of the time.

He will enjoy his last two years at Virginia Tech and strive to further his education and try to get a PHD. Mr. Sullivan is a renowned young man and will have a bright future hopefully in nanoscience.

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