Who is CRU Basketball Coach Rick Barbosa’s Brother?

By Kenan Sarvan

Ryan Barbosa.  Mr, Barbosa, now 28 years old,  attended Stonebridge High School in Chesapeake, Virginia. Stonebridge is a prestigious private academy that values education and Christian values.

Mr. Barbosa chose to attend such a prestigious academy “because that’s my faith.”

Mr. Barbosa wasn’t only a good student, but also an incredible high school basketball player while at Stonebridge. Finding the balance between academics and sports, Mr. Barbosa was a gifted student-athlete.

“In my senior year I averaged 26.0 points per game, and I scored 2400 points in three years,” said Mr. Barbosa.

After four years at a prestigious high school, Mr. Barbosa was offered scholarships to a variety of schools for his basketball achievements. Division II school, Liberty University, and Division III schools Christopher Newport and Randolph Macon offered Mr. Barbosa scholarships to attend.

“I chose Christopher Newport. I just played there for one year and scored 500 points. After one year, I started to get burned out,” said Mr. Barbosa reminiscing on his past career and his choice to quit basketball and transfer to Old Dominion University (ODU).

Mr. Barbosa transferred to ODU because the academic opportunities were far greater there than the opportunities at Christopher Newport. “Because ODU is a larger university,” said Mr. Barbosa.

After graduating from Old Dominion University, Mr. Barbosa finished his degree in Recreation Business Management. From there, Mr. Barbosa got married and now has a three year old son named Winn. Mr. Barbosa currently works for a family business at Allstate and does not plan to coach basketball, but plans to enjoy his son and wife.

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