Life as Working Student

By Brittany Gaughan

High schoolers today have higher stress levels than adults, according to the American Psychological Association.  Kids have eight hours of school a day, plus homework, sports, clubs, and maintaining a social life with their family and friends.  And some kids also have a job during the school year. One in four high schoolers work, according to NewsOK.  Some kids have jobs to support their families, while others have it to support their own financial needs.  

According to Student Tutor, there are many pros and cons to working in high school. Having a job teaches kids communication skills, which many adults think kids are lacking because of increased technology.  Also, high schoolers can put having a part-time job on their college applications.  This shows colleges kids were able to learn time management at a young age.  However, having a job puts an immense amount of pressure on high schoolers.  Kids today are extremely stressed, and having a job adds to the list of things they must do.  Having a job can lead to a decrease in academics, because kids want to perform well at their jobs.  If kids have to work three or four nights a week, that means they will do homework late at night or not at all.  Some kids are able to learn how to time manage, while others are not.

Sabrina Savage, a senior at Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School, is a lifeguard at Little Neck Swimming and Racquet Club.  Ms. Savage works seven hours a week during the school year, and 20 in the summer.  Ms. Savage has great grades even with a job.  She quit swim in favor of holding a job because she did not get enough sleep, always felt sick, and had no time for homework while doing both. She was happy with her decision because she likes having a job, and has made a lot of friends.  Ms. Savage also feels that having a job is preparing her well for college and for being an adult.

“I plan to attend the Naval Academy in the fall, so having a job will prepare me for the this,” said Ms. Savage.

Ms. Savage says she does get overwhelmed because she is in charge of people’s lives as a pool lifeguard.  While she is not saving money for anything particular, she likes being able to buy things for herself.

I work at Brixx Pizza in Chesapeake.  I am a hostess and during the school year I work one to two days a week.  My parents are not going to be able to pay for my whole college tuition, so I need to provide some financial support.  Having a job as a high school student has taught me responsibility and better time management.  I take seven classes a day, play year-round basketball, am a member of many clubs and national honor societies, have nightly homework, and maintain a good social life.  While having a job is stressful at times, like Ms. Savage, I am glad that I have one.

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