Cru News Sports Rap

By Armani Chatman


The football team took a tough loss on September 30th at Colquitt County.  The final score was 38-7. According to The Virginian-Pilot, Colquitt County went 13 for 19 passing for 239 yards. Seems to be that the Crusaders had a rough time stopping the Colquitt offense overall.  

“There were a lot of mental mistakes we shouldn’t have made,” said sophomore Niko McKay. “We were laid back and left plays on the field.”

Mr. McKay was hopeful about the Crusaders chances against Canada Prep on October 7.

“We are preparing hard and we are practicing so we can come out this game on top,” said Mr. McKay.

Seems he was right, the Crusaders won 51-13.



The boys soccer team took a loss after a seven game winning streak. The soccer team fell short to Cape Henry 3-0 on October 3rd. The next soccer game is October 17th, but it’s away at Trinity Episcopal.

Asking star soccer player senior Cedric Heurtelou how he feels about not being in the TCIS and not being able to compete in the playoffs, he said, “It’s a bit of a disappointment because this season we’ve been doing really good compared the last two seasons where we went 5-7 and 1-14.”


The Women’s Volleyball season is coming to an end with an 8-9 record with two games left to play.  Senior night will be held on October 26.

“We have a young team, but with great potential to carry far into seasons to come,” said Senior Ursula Turner, one of the team captains.

Disappointed the team won’t be able to participate in TCIS playoffs? “Yes, it’s unfortunate that we can’t compete for a local conference, ” said Ms. Turner.

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