A Day with Katie Collett

By Kayla Trautman

Katie Collett, the morning and midday anchor from Wavy/Fox 43 news team, came and spoke with the journalism class on September 14.

During her visit at Bishop Sullivan, Ms.Collett  talked about challenging experiences she’s been through as a journalist, including being shoved off a deck and chased by a dog to her car.  She has also been at crime scenes after homicides and murders.

Ms.Collett is very dedicated to her job, she has reported during hurricanes, tropical storms, nor’easters, and been in the aftermath of a tornado. She hopes one day she will be able to witness a tornado and report on it.

“She is very enthusiastic about her job,” said senior Ursula Turner.

Ms. Collett is up before the sun is even up. She begins her day by waking up at 2:15 every morning. Mrs. Collett arrives at work at 3:30 ito do her own makeup and hair and review her script before broadcasting for four and a half hours. She is the midday anchor as well, she goes on air at noon for an hour and then finally gets to leave.


While on air, the producers communicate with Mrs. Collett through a tiny earbud. Our class participated in a game that simulated Mrs.Collett‘s everyday challenge of trying to listen while she reads off the scripts. She had us read Peter Pan while giving us instructions on what to do, including taking a step forward or back and spinning in a circle.

“It was very challenging to listen to her and read at the same time,” said senior Caroline Fiorella.

Prior to working at Wavy/Fox 43 News, Ms.Collett began her career working as a full-time freelance producer at COX Broadcasting in Washington, D.C. After that Ms.Collett worked at WJAC-TV in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, as a sunrise anchor and a reporter. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

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