Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

By Bennie Merritt

On an everyday basis, Ms. Emma Davis is very nice and stays in her own little circle. But when you get to know her — as I did recently — she’s really open, and goofy, and fun.

She seems a normal girl doing normal things. She goes to school, she loves to take naps, she does her homework, etc.

What she explained to me tells me that she isn’t so normal.

“I’m Italian, German, Irish, Welch, Native American, and Portuguese,” said Ms. Davis.

Even though she’s doesn’t speak any of the different languages — instead she can speak a little French and Spanish — and hasn’t been to any of those countries, it’s still pretty cool.

Not only does she have a diverse ethnicity, when she was younger she played three years of field hockey, practiced martial arts for about four and a half years, and played tennis for one year. She is also double jointed and can make a three leaf clover with her tongue. It’s rare to find someone who can do that.

One other very interesting thing she explained about was her transformation. You could call it a ‘glow up,’ as Millennials say today.

“I used to be a fat kid, but now that I’ve grown up, I guess my body slimmed out as I got taller,”  said Ms. Davis.

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