Still Waters Run Deep

By Emma Davis

Eat. School. Practice. Repeat. This is the life of a student athlete. However, there is often more to a student athlete than meets the eye.

Senior Bennie Merritt is a 17 year-old outside linebacker. He was introduced to football at age six by his dad, fell in love with the sport, and has been playing ever since.

“There is no one else I would go to war with than my brothers on the football team. Especially the ones I grew up playing football with. Those bonds run deep,” said Mr. Merritt.

Mr. Merritt’s hobbies include martial arts and writing. He takes pleasure in writing fictional stories, usually about the strangely exhilarating dreams he has or super heroes.

Mr. Merritt is half Puerto Rican and half African American, with a smidge of  Korean.  He can speak English fluently, is able to understand Spanish perfectly although he cannot speak it as well. In addition, Mr. Merritt is fluent in Pig Latin and can even speak a little Hebrew!

Did you know…Mr. Merritt can make his shoulder blades pop out of his back, is bow-legged, broke all his fingers, and broke his neck when he was little? Not only this, but he loves to work out or watch martial arts videos in his past time!

Mr. Merritt’s favorite subject is English, and he will read any book that is interesting. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because all of the food is so delicious (I second this).

“I love Thanksgiving food, but Korean is my favorite. My favorite dish is kimchi with chicken and rice,” said Mr. Merritt.

The only time Mr. Merritt has traveled outside of the United States was when he went on a cruise to the Bahamas which he says was one of the most fun and cool things he had ever done.

Mr. Merritt is a very laid back and relaxed person. He is quiet at first glance, but, as they say, still waters run deep and Mr. Merritt certainly proves this to be true!

“I don’t talk much, I’m a quiet person.”

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