By Cedric Heurtelou

Ursula Ann Turner is a 6’2” class of 2018 volleyball player.  She has been attending Bishop Sullivan ever since her freshman year coming from Greenbrier Middle. She’s lived in Bremerton,Washington, and moved to Virginia after her dad was stationed here.

Ms.Turner loves going out to eat and enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. One of her favorite restaurants to eat at is Jack’s Burger Joint. During her spare time she loves to play volleyball.

“I love volleyball because it’s not a lot of running and it’s lots of fun,” said Ms. Turner.

Ms.Turner’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. “I like to eat a lot of food and I get to take a really good nap after,” she said.

In her spare time she enjoys playing volleyball and going to the beach.

Her favorite kind of day?

“Waking up, getting breakfast at Big Sam’s, going to the beach and tanning, and having fun with my friends,” said Ms. Turner.

Ms.Turner has a big obsession with dogs in general and has two of her own, Sammy and Pepper, both mutts. Her love for dogs is unbelievable and she hopes to own a pug one day. “Pugs are literally the cutest things alive,” said Ms. Turner.

Ms.Turner was part of the school Haiti Club and went on the mission trip over spring break last April. It was her first time ever leaving the country and she had an amazing experience in Haiti.

“I love it, it is was amazing and wonderful, and I would go back in a heartbeat,” said Ms. Turner.

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