Dreaming Big

By Armani Chatman

Sophomore Tavion Meekins is a 16-year-old basketball player, who hopes to play Division 1 basketball.

“I hope that I get an offer, or have the opportunity to attend Syracuse University,” said Mr. Meekins.

Mr. Meekins fell in love with this school as a young boy. “My dad showed it to me online,” he said.

The other reason he loves the school is because of the famous basketball player Carmelo Anthony.

Not only is Mr. Meekins interested in going to Syracuse for sports, he holds high hopes of getting that great education.  He wants to become a engineer at Syracuse. Although he hasn’t been there, he plans on attending/visiting his junior year.

Mr. Meekins doesn’t know much about the school, but is open to learning more about the school each day, whenever he can. I shared some facts about Syracuse with him, like it is a private institution and the tuition is about $45,000.

Overall, he can’t wait to visit such an amazing and prestigious school like Syracuse.

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