For a Love of Books

By Brittney Irizarry

Senior Claire Hudson would much rather be reading a book, or eating ice cream, than working on college applications.

Ms. Hudson works at a farmer’s market ice cream shop where her weekends are spent and time seems to stand still. In addition to work, Ms. Hudson has to find time to have fun and experience what is left of her high school career, which is challenging to find.

A big obstacle standing in her way of finding free time is to finish applications before she. Ms. Hudson is so busy trying to juggle AP Government, working, and maintaining a high GPA she barely has any free time. However, in her free time Ms. Hudson loves to read to escape the harsh reality of school and college apps.

“I am nervous because it is going to be something new, but that is a good things because new experiences help you become a stronger person” said Ms. Hudson as she thinks about her college career which is quickly approaching.

Ms. Hudson applied to Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, in August and was accepted, one college in and two more to go! Ms. Hudson plans to apply to Virginia Tech and State University of New York as well.

When Ms. Hudson is not at school or work or studying, reading is her outlet. She wants to go into a career in publishing.

“I have read enough bad books and I don’t want there to be more,” said Ms. Hudson.

Reading lets you feel no pressure of the daily life of school and work, it demands nothing from you but your imagination. Reading a book has a familiar and comforting feeling that Ms. Hudson adores and wants to hold on to.

The Luna Chronicles were Ms. Hudson’s favorite series as she was growing up because they let her imagination run wild and imagine the unimaginable. It let her have an outlet in her middle school days where she could let her mind run after feeling as if her mind had set limits on it during school.

After her publishing career takes off, Ms. Hudson plans to settle down in Eastern Virginia. She will live in with her cat and dog, but Ms. Hudson is still unclear whether she wants kids and a husband.

As Ms. Hudson’s final chapter of high school is closing, she reminds herself to relax and have fun.

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