Faith and Future

By Claire Hudson

Like most teens, senior Brittney Irizarry loves to spend the summer on the beach and relaxing. But this year, she did something different.

Miss Irizarry was one of three hundred teens attending the annual Lifeteen Conference at Benedictine College in rural Kansas. The conference allowed teens from across the country to practice their faith and learn how to spread their beliefs at home and in their community.

According to Miss Irizarry, she and her peers learned “how to stay strong in your faith even when times are tough.”

The conference was designed to help teens strengthen their leadership abilities and take charge in their own lives to lead others in Christ. Miss Irizarry is an active participant in her own parish and has formed a close relationship with her local priest.

“[It was] One of the most challenging yet fruitful weeks of my life. I’m so glad I got to spend it with amazing people,” said Miss Irizarry.

Her faith has also helped her with the everyday challenges of high school life.

“Father Dan tells me all the time that I live on the struggle bus,” said Miss Irizarry with a laugh. If she were to write an autobiography, “that’d be the name of it,” she says.

But challenges at school haven’t stopped Miss Irizarry. She’s looking at a Catholic Jesuit university in Maryland, Loyola Maryland, as well as the Franciscan University of Steubenville. She wants to be an elementary school teacher in a Catholic community.

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