Crusader #50

By Kayla Trautman

Senior Alonzo Roane has been tackling, passing and running on the football field since he was 3 years old. The Cowboys, that was the first team Roane has ever played on.

Mr. Roane has attended several schools in his high school education.  Fortunately,  he loves change.

Which schools did he attend before Bishop Sullivan?

“I went to Tallwood and Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach,” said Mr. Roane.

Mr. Roane went to Tallwood High School his freshman year and transferred to Kempsville High School his sophomore year because his family moved. In junior year Roane transferred to Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School.

“I transferred because Bishop Sullivan has a better education, also they have a better football program,” said Mr. Roane.

The reason for Mr. Roane’s move was due to continuing his passion for  football and his motivation to advance his education. He’s never really liked school that much but his love for football has always kept him going, and his outgoing attitude towards everything and just trying to make the best of it.

Why football?

“I like football because it’s the greatest sport in America. I play defensive tackle and fullback,” said Mr. Roane

Football is an enjoyable sport to Mr. Roane  because  he is a big guy and he likes hitting people and ‘controlled violence’  to let his anger out.

Although he has had many wins and much success at Bishop Sullivan playing football, that’s not his favorite team he’s ever played on.

“When I was a young boy I played on a football team called the Hampton Roads Wolfpack. Football was just fun then. I mean everybody did everything, it was fun. Well, it’s still fun, but when you’re younger everything is not that serious. Now, it’s serious,” said Mr. Roane  

Football is now more serious to him because it’s more like business with the stress of recruiters and getting into college and always having to play his best.

Mr. Roane hopes to continue his football career at an out-of-state college, but he wants to study pre-med biology and, hopefully, become a anesthesiologist one day, just like his aunt.

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