Dear Freshmen:

Jordan and Helen
Senior Jordan and Freshman Helen

By Hannah Amburn and Brett Lopez

Dear Incoming Freshmen,

Welcome to Bishop Sullivan Catholic High school!

This is real high school. It is not “High School Musical” or “10 Things I Hate About You.” Mean girls and boys are real, but not as dramatic as they are portrayed in the movies. Prepare for late nights and slow Monday mornings. Most of all have fun, this is your last four years to be a kid. The real world will be here faster than you think, so don’t grow up too fast. Take time to appreciate your parents, and call grandma and talk to her sometime. It’s going to be stressful and test you, but it’s a time you will remember forever.

Most importantly freshman, remember one thing:  SENIORS KNOW BEST.

Freshman Boys,

When I came to Catholic as a freshman some of my friends from St. John the Apostle came to Catholic with me. So I started off already having friends at Catholic, but I want to tell the freshman boys that playing a sport will help with making friends. I played football and baseball my freshman year. I had a lot of fun playing these sports and it helped me grow closer to people that I did not know. Football brings people together and it helped me gain friends early on.

“Branch out of your comfort zone,” said senior Patrick West, the 2016 Valedictorian.

That is very true, guys need to branch out. We always act like idiots and try to make jokes about everything that happens and that helps make friends. JUST ACT YOURSELF. Do not try to change yourself to join a popular group. It won’t help and may make problems worse for you down the road.

“Don’t do drugs, do grades!” said senior Devonta Townsend.

When it comes to academics, the first year is the most important year in high school as it is the year that you get allocated to the school and all the homework plus the harder test and papers. You must try your hardest and push yourself to the limits.

“Do your homework freshman and sophomore year and when it comes time to be a junior you will be doing your homework without even thinking because you trained your mind to do it.” said by senior Michael Cipolla.

School is important and doing well in your freshman year is key to success in your high School career. PUSH YOURSELF and DON’T GIVE UP.

Freshman girls,

High school is a roller coaster! Study, Study, study! Don’t worry so much about boys. Trust me, you aren’t going to marry these fellas. Focus on your friends and establish good friendships. You will be 10 times happier hanging out with your friends than going out with a boy. For prom every year, the girls that go without a date and don’t have pressure because of a boy, have way more fun.

When it comes to makeup and doing your hair, stay natural. Don’t go crazy because it’s high school and you can finally wear make up.

“Make a lot of friends but not a lot of enemies, ”said senior Colleen Doyle.

 First impressions are everything. So, DO be yourself and DON’T act like someone you are not. What makes the four years in high school fun is how well you and your class get together. ‘Drama’ is not fun; you will realize that once you are the center of it. Support your girls, don’t bring them down. Even if you don’t like someone just be cordial. If she compliments you then compliment her back. You already get enough pressure from boys, so you girls need to stick together.

Studying is everything. Establish study groups, and for exams go to the local TCC building and rent a room for a few hours.

“Don’t sit in the hallways, and take your free time seriously,” said Bridget Frothingham.

High school is a breeze compared to the future ahead, but don’t freak out. Just focus on yourself and bettering yourself. There are teachers and tools in this school that can help you achieve. So, use them and don’t be too proud to ask for help.  Everything is going to be okay in the end, I promise. If I made it, you can definitely make it!

To All Freshmen:

“Don’t take physics. Take college algebra — it’s easy and it’s like taking algebra 2,” said senior Maria Jimenez   

“Take senior year easy, that’s what it’s meant to be. Take all of your hard classes the first three years. Most of all don’t feel pressured to take classes you know you won’t do well in,” said senior Julie Jacot.

Freshman year will be a culture shock for all of you, but if you just embrace it and be yourself it will be a smooth ride.

Push yourself, study hard, branch out, and be yourself, that’s all you have to do to succeed in High School. You all will be fine and you will have fun, just take a deep breath and get ready for the next roller coaster of your life, which is called high school.

Veve and Jordan
Freshman Veve and Senior Jordan


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