Women on the $10 bill?

By Brandon Gaddy

My previous article about women to be on the $10 bill touched on the four different women that should be considered to be on the $10 bill. All four had good reasons but Harriet Tubman will be the first woman to be chosen, but instead of the $10 bill she will be on a $20 bill.

On the $10 bill  Alexander Hamilton will remain on the front and the women that made women’s suffrage will be on the back.  These include Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul, according to the U.S Department of the Treasury.  (More information is available at the Treasury Departments website: https://modernmoney.treasury.gov/.)

History teacher Thomas Hostutler is ok with women being on the front or the back.

“I think it’s fine because they recognize the women, that’s most important part,” said Mr. Hostutler.

In the recent editorial in the New York Times, journalist Cokie Roberts raises some issues about this great accomplishment for women and our country.

The first problem is “Alexander Hamilton, of all people, is about to relegate women to the back of the $10 bill, just 10 months after the Treasury Department promised to feature a woman on the new version of the note,” wrote Ms. Roberts who is a political commentator for ABC News and NPR.

The problem for Ms. Roberts is that Mr. Hamilton is placed on the front which would place the women on the back.  “Once again this is example of putting a less worthy man in front of a more worthy woman,” wrote Ms. Roberts.  Then she gives reasons why Mr. Hamilton’s wife should be on the front instead of Mr. Hamilton, including that Mr. Hamilton’s wife did a lot to save his political career. In her article, she’s arguing that his wife is more worthy of being on the front and Mr. Hamilton should be on the back, but Mrs. Hamilton will not be appearing on the bill at all.   

Not everyone agrees with this debate.

“Personally, I think it’s beginning to be blown up a lot, but I do think that’s great they are honoring the women,” said Mr. Hostutler.

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