Gerrard shark
Oscar and Gerrard                                  Image created by Hannah Amburn

By Hannah Amburn and Brett Lopez

Do you ever get double looks when out in public or do people ever ask you if you are “so and so” who is a celebrity?

Well, there are tons of celebrity look-alike apps to help you find yours. We used an app called Celebtwin.

English teacher Ellen Sullivan’s celebrity look-alike is actress Britt Ekland. Vice Principal Dan Miani’s celebrity look-alike is actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

“My friends brother says I look like Chris Hemsworth because of my hair,” says  senior Emma Hemelt.

Ever since he grew out his beard, senior Mike Cipolla, is mistaken for Drake, a famous rapper, or the actor Vin Diesel.

According to, there are on average seven people who look like you. Better yet, most people look like animations from popular movies.

The journalism class of 2015-2016 found their look-alikes in Shark Tales.

Maddi shark
Angie and Maddi                                 Image created by Hannah Amburn
Brandon shark
Luca and Brandon                                 Image created by Hannah Amburn
Hannah shark
Fish Extra and Hannah                        Image created by Hannah Amburn
Brett shark
Giusseppe and Brett                              Image created by Hannah Amburn
Breyon shark
Sykes and Breyon                                  Image created by Hannah Amburn
Critt shark
Shrimp and Critt                                  Image created by Hannah Amburn
Maddie Naomi shark
Ernie/Bernie and Maddie/Naomi      Image created by Hannah Amburn
Darius shark
Crazy Joe and Darius                             Image created by Hannah Amburn



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