The Life of Beats by Dr.Dre

By Brandon Gaddy

Beats appear to be one of the most popular headphone brands among American teens.

“I think they’re amazing. They are loud and big, and they got bass,” said sophomore Evan Tebay.

Beats Electronics, founded in 2006 by music producer and rapper Dr. Dre and former Geffen A&M Records chairman and producer Jimmy Iovine, was bought by Apple Inc. in July 2014.  Their headquarters are in Culver City, California. The product line is focused on headphones and speakers.

Beats headphones, earphones, and speakers are endorsed by many celebrities  such as Lil Wayne, Cam Newton and Dr. Dre. Beats has introduced the best of the best sound entertainment. On stage many famous singers and rappers use Beats for style, and some use them for recording songs, labels, albums, and mixtapes. They are just a good helping tool. The brand’s success helps bring energy and excitement  back in recording and listening to popular songs for music lovers worldwide.

I really like the product. I like the headphones, speakers and earphones because they are loud and they have good bass.  I really enjoy the different colors of the headphones, and the company has like every color you can name which is impressive. The headphone designs they use are really cool. In the future I plan to buy a lot of pairs of Beats so I can show the different colors off and the different designs. For examples they use different colors and two colors mixs on one headphone and they got some Hello Kitty and some SpiderMan ones for they little kids and water proof ones that look so cool.

The bad thing about their headphones are that they cost a lot. They start at $300 for one pair of headphones and it even can go up to thousands dollars just for one pair.  To me, that’s too much money and I’m not famous so I can’t afford to spend that much money. Mr.Tebay also thinks they are expensive

“That’s why I take care of the ones I got now because I don’t want to buy anymore,” said Evan Tebay.  

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