Opinion: Another Scandal in the Clinton Family

Hillary Clinton when Secretary of State. Photo courtesy of wikipedia

By Brett Lopez

Hillary Clinton is ready to be indicted by the FBI because of her involvement with Benghazi and highly classified emails being sent out while she was U.S. Secretary of State.

The Benghazi attack happened on September 11, 2012, when Islamic militants attacked the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack, making it the first time since 1979 that an Ambassador was killed in the line of duty, according to The Washington Post.  

The FBI has created a Special Committee to bring her to the federal courts. They have started to collect their evidence to bring down Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton has been on the news and under a lot of fire because of her emails while she was Secretary of State. She used a secure email which wasn’t issued by the government to send classified information to other U.S. government officials who also were using their own secure email accounts, and in  October of 2014, some emails were turned over to the State Department, which was the start of the whole scandal. Using secure email addresses not issued by the government is highly illegal and an investigation was held and evidence was found that she used her own email, not the issued email account the Government gave her to send classified information. While these emails were being exchanged, Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of State, which is a cabinet-level position.

Some of the information was highly classified which means that the State Department decided not to release the emails in any form, even with redactions. A number of emails out of the new batch of 550 were deemed classified. The former Defense Intelligence Chief who served under President Obama has called Mrs. Clinton to withdraw from the Presidential race due to her national security-endangering conduct, according to The Washington Post.

I feel that Mrs. Clinton should drop out of the presidential race because she needs to focus on the Special FBI Committee rather than her time on the race. The Committee will stunt her ranking and cause her to fall if she is found guilty, and the Clinton legacy will be even more tainted with scandals and lies.

Not everyone agrees.  Dana St. John, AP English teacher and Librarian, feels she should not drop out.

“Not until Hillary Clinton is charged with a crime should she drop out,” said Mrs. St. John.

Will the indictment tarnish her reputation?

“That if she is indicted, no;  but if she is found guilty, then yes.  It would ruin her reputation as a politician,” said Mrs. St. John.

The Committee is still waiting to bring her to court to charge her of  conspiracy to “conceal documents from government computers” which is a penalty three years in jail per document. There were 22 highly classified documents that were concealed, so if she is proven guilty for this charge she will potentially go to jail for 66 years. Some of the information was deemed HCS-O which is code that refers to human intelligence from ongoing operations, this a step higher than highly classified information, according to Fox News.

It is still unclear on how the classified information was able to reach her own email. Hillary Clinton has dug herself into a deeper hole because she is so focused on the presidential race and not trying to solve her email crisis.

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