The Deadliest Disease

Onyx & Bobby
The afflicted: Mr. Boyd and Mr. Price wallowing in Senioritis. Photo by Critt Johnson

By Critt Johnson

An ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades,” is the definition of Senioritis, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

“Nothing. I just don’t want to do school work,” said senior Bobby Price.

This disease is contracted by seemingly every senior throughout the country. Symptoms include laziness; loose, baggy clothes; frequent absences; and lack of studying. Because of this, grades significantly drop, study habits continue to worsen, and it only makes the student careless and the disease stronger.

Senioritis that has gotten too bad or not controlled well enough can cause colleges to retract their offers due to students grades from dropping too low.

“I listen to music, play sports, and just don’t do my school work,” said senior Bobby Price.

This is just a few examples of activities that seniors do instead of doing their school work. Other activities include going to the beach, playing video games, laying in bed, eating, and much more that has nothing to do with school.

For most students interviewed, senioritis started after winter break when the two week span of no homework made students realize how done they are with school. For others, they stopped doing work when they committed or received their acceptance letter from the college which they wanted to get into.  

“I don’t expect my Senioritis will carry over into college,” said senior Mike Cipolla.

This thought is shared among most seniors, in that they don’t want to be in high school anymore and will turn over a new leaf when they go to college, which will be harder for most than high school was.

“Senioritis won’t affect me in college because I won’t be in high school anymore!” said senior Hannah Amburn.

Senioritis is a disease not to be messed with and as of now, no cure is in sight. This unfortunately affects millions across the country and results in a huge loss of productivity. Could this disease be the end for which the Bible foretold?

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