Indoor Track Champs

By Breyon Gaddy

Seniors Darius Whitehurst and Bobby Price are putting Bishop Sullivan on the map as far as track goes. They both are powerhouses of the track team. Mr. Price and Mr. Whitehurst often place 1st, 2nd or 3rd, winning medals and becoming the best in the state.

The Bishop Sullivan indoor track team traveled to Saint Christopher’s School for the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association meet February 20, 2016. Mr. Whitehurst and Mr. Price came in first in the state for their respective events. Mr. Price came in first place in high jump, jumping 6 feet 8 inches and setting a new meet record. He also placed first in triple jump leaping 21.5 feet and second in long jump with a jump of 15.5 feet. Mr. Whitehurst took first place in shot-put with a throw of 51 feet 8.5 inches.

What kind of workout does it take to get to states and win?

“In the weight room I did a lot of explosive lower and upper body workouts so that I can increase the speed of my throw and the distance. I also did a lot of stretching so that my body could be loose, and I rolled myself out so that I could loosen up my muscles so that they are prepared to throw,” said Mr. Whitehurst.

In track it’s not easy, it is hard work. But working hard got Mr. Whitehurst and Mr. Price to the state and national competitions.

“I know doing track is really hard because you have to be strong and your mind is supposed to be strong as well,” said Mr.Whitehurst.

Because of their success at States, Mr. Whitehurst and Mr. Price went to Nationals in New York  at the Armory in the Bronx the weekend of March 12-14.  Mr. Price came in 7th place against some of the best players nationally in triple jump which is very hard to do. Mr. Whitehurst came in 10th place against some of the best players in shot-put– the highest throw was 70 feet.  Mr.Whitehurst was close, throwing a 68.5.

Winning States and going on to Nationals is a big thing for athletes, it will have colleges looking at them.   Mr. Whitehurst and Mr. Price have committed to play football at Virginia Union and Norfolk State.


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