Got Games?

Poole pic
Graphic Arts teacher Ms. Poole. Photo by Darius Whitehurst.

By Darius Whitehurst

Some people find that they don’t have as much free time as they would like, but when they get it what do they do with it?

Many teenagers and adults now find themselves on social media or even entertaining themselves with downloaded games on their phone. Oftentimes, people find themselves sacrificing time that they have set aside for other things and using that time for the games on their phones.

So what phone games are the most popular? According to, the top five games are Angry Birds, Heist, Flappy Golf, No More Kings, and Angry Birds Star Wars.

When senior Turner Carter,  was asked about the games on her phone she said she has quite a few including “all the older games. too. Flappy Bird, Angry Bird, Candy Crush, and Color Switch.”

Turner pic
Senior Ms. Turner. Photo by Darius Whitehurst.

“Well, right now I’m really addicted to Color Switch” said Ms. Carter, but she doesn’t let the game take away time that she has set aside for other things.

Games are a lot of fun, but the important thing is to know the right time and place to play them.

Some people play games that are based on their current career.

Graphic Design and photography teacher Keisha Poole said she has games on her phone related to her career, including, “Font Fox, Font Game, Font Quiz, 50 Best Logos, and I have lots of puzzle games too like Shades and Colors.” She is very focussed on her career not letting the games take time away from her job. She says she’s not addicted to any of the games and only plays them when she is at home or is waiting at the doctor’s office.

Other people find themselves playing games that have to deal with real life situations.

Senior Maria Jiminez said that the game that she plays the most is Sims Free Play. When asked about how often she plays the game she said “every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up.” She agreed that she might have a slight addiction and sometimes sacrifices her time to play the game.

Maria pic
Senior Ms. Jiminez. Photo by Darius Whitehurst.

A lot of people have games on their phones, some dealing with life, some with their career, and some games just because of how fun they are. Different games are fun to different people it all depends on your personal interest.

So do you have games on your phone?

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