The Lenten Mission

By Mike Cipolla

Lent? Isn’t that the stuff found in the dryer? No, that is lint, this is Lent. As a Catholic school we must be more aware and willing to take part in this season. We must all commit to it just like it is football or basketball season. It is important and involves sacrifice for a greater cause.  

Lent is a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice, and good works in preparation for Easter, according to the Catholic Education Resource Center. The season of Lent lasts for 40 days starting with Ash Wednesday and ending with Easter. During the season of Lent, Catholics are called to become closer with God through fasting, prayer, and almsgiving.

Fasting is abstaining from food as an element of religious devotion. It is a spiritual obligation for people ages 18-59 according to Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church website. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are the days of fasting as well as refraining from eating any meat on Fridays. During Lent people are also called to give up something they use or do all the time. Some examples of things people give up are their phone, Instagram, Cheez-Itz, or anything else they can think of that they consider a sacrafice. In addition, the money saved giving up something should be a part of almsgiving.

Almsgiving is a big part of the Lenten mission as well. Almsgiving is the donating of money or goods to the poor and performing other acts of charity. This should be a big part of our everyday life as Catholics anyway, but there is special emphasis on helping people less fortunate during Lent.  

Lent is also a time to add something to your spiritual life. You can pray more, be nicer, volunteer your time, give to the poor, or anything else you can think of to enhance your spiritual life. This time of year is also a time to get back on track with your faith if you have fallen off track.     

“I am giving up candy and desserts for Lent. I also look forward to Lent as a time to grow in my faith,” said senior peer ministry member Amanda Libasci.

Personally, I am giving up Cheez- Itz for Lent because they are unhealthy and I eat them way too much.

This preparation for Easter is important because Easter is the time when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Our goal is to make ourselves in the image and likeness of God so we pray, fast, sacrifice, and do anything else we can do to accept Jesus into our lives and become better people in our mind, spirit, and body.  

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