Goodbye, Glenn Frye

glenn frey
Photo courtesy of YouTube

By Maddi Fink

Glenn Frey was a singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and a friend. He passed away on January 18, 2016, due to rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, and ulcerative colitis. He was only 67.

This man of talent influenced a great part of rock music in the 70’s and 80’s and is still being played through car speakers everywhere. Many of the Popular hits include “Hotel California,” “Take It Easy,” “Witchy Woman,” and “Life in The Fast Lane.”

Mr. Frey grew up in Royal Oak, Michigan. He began to play the piano at age 5 and taught himself the guitar after he fell in love with the instrument at a Beatles concert. As a young adult, he moved to California in hopes of a music career. This fateful decision lead to the founding of the Eagles.

Glenn Frey joined together with Don Henley and immediately began creating music. This long term friendship lasted even until his death.

“He was like a brother to me; we were like family, and like most families, there was some dysfunction. But the bond we forged forty-five years ago was never broken,” Henley said in an interview with TMZ.

Mr. Frey had a brief solo career after the Eagles broke up in 1982. This separation lasted about a decade before reuniting again with the same bond and same talent as when they came together the first time.

Sadly, the Eagles have broken up for the final time, losing their lead singer and guitarist. Many fans are devastated at the loss of such an influential musician at such a young age.

The loss of Glenn Frey is a great one to the Eagles, the classic rock industry, and the fans.

Take it Easy, Glenn.

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