Super Bowl Showdown!

Brett and Mike
Mr. Lopez and Mr. Cipolla Photo by Ellen Sullivan

By Brett Lopez and Mike Cipolla

This years Super Bowl will be the 50th in National Football League (NFL) history. The Super Bowl is the championship game for the NFL. The game will take place on February 7, 2016 and will feature the Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos.

Brett’s opinion: The Broncos are coming into the Super Bowl with the top rated Defense in the NFL. Led by Von Miller and Demarcus Ware who stop the run which is a big part for the Panthers offense. The Broncos have the number two rush defense in the league and I feel that with them leading the fronts it will take pressure of the safeties and corners so they can focus on the pass plays.

A key matchup in the SuperBowl will be FS T.J Ward and TE Greg Olsen. Greg Olsen leads the Panthers in receiving yards but T.J Ward will play tough coverage against Greg Olsen and shout him down which will lead Ted Ginn Jr. to step up against a great Broncos Defense. I believe the Broncos will come out on top but it will be a close game.

Score: Broncos 24, Panthers 21.

Mike’s opinion: This game will not even be close. People may even experience deja vu when they watch this game because it will look identical to the Super Bowl when the Seahawks blew out the Broncos a few years ago. Unfortunately, Peyton Manning will once again fail on the sport’s biggest stage. The Panthers defense is dominant and the Broncos receivers are notorious for dropping passes.

The Broncos come into the game with the best defense in the NFL but they will be no match for Cam Newton. We will see him dab in the endzone many times on Sunday night. This game will come down to Cam’s ability to make amazing plays and Peyton’s inability to create long gains down the field against a stout defense.

Score: Panthers 31, Broncos 14.    

“I’ll be watching the Super Bowl and I think the Broncos will win because Peyton Manning is more experienced,” said senior Catherine Warren.

Meanwhile star basketball athlete Onyx Boyd does not like watching NFL games and “will probably be doing homework instead of watching.”

The Carolina Panthers are representing the National Football Conference (NFC) in the big game and they are favored to win. The odds-on favorite to win the MVP of the league is Panthers quarterback Cam Newton who passed for 35 touchdowns and 3,837 yards in the 2015 regular season and propelled the team to an NFL best 15-1 record according to Carolina also comes into the championship game with the NFL’s third best defense led by former defensive player of the year linebacker Luke Kuechly and star cornerback Josh Norman. This is the Panthers first Super Bowl appearance since losing to the Patriots in 2004 and the first Super Bowl appearance for Head Coach Ron Rivera.

The Denver Broncos are representing the American Football Conference (AFC) in the game on Sunday. Led by the 5-time NFL MVP quarterback Peyton Manning, the Broncos achieved a 12-4 record this season which was good enough to be the number one seed in the AFC playoff bracket. They come into the game with the best ranked defense in the NFL which is led by perennial Pro Bowl linebackers Demarcus Ware and Von Miller. The Broncos last appeared in a Super Bowl in 2014 but got demolished by the Seahawks 43-8. Peyton Manning will try to bounce back and win his second Super Bowl of his career this Sunday and Coach Gary Kubiak will appear in his first Super Bowl as Head Coach.

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