Multiple Factors When Applying for College

Ms. VanderLey Photo by Brett Lopez

By Brett Lopez

Senior Naomi VanderLey applied to 29 colleges. As a high school senior I know what it takes to apply to colleges and the tedious process that arises from it. Ms. VanderLey, because of her high SAT score, took advantage of application fee waivers offered by the colleges.

“I don’t know what college I would like to attend. I just applied to whatever school sent me a free application,” said Ms. VanderLey.

I have applied to six colleges and only one college gave me an application fee waiver, the University of Richmond, which is where I would like to attend.

There are many reasons why people apply to certain colleges: sports, academics, family legacy, finances, etc. For me it was to play sports in college, but Ms. VanderLey was influenced by Bishop Sullivan’s guidance counselor, Marty Campbell, who helped her find scholarships that would enable her to pay for her college of choice.

My mother went to Coastal Carolina for a semester but my father never went to college as he went straight to the Marines. Ms. VanderLey is in the same boat, as her mother, Veronica VanderLey, did not go to college either.  Her father, Dean VanderLey, went to Stanford which is the hardest college to get into due to its 5.1 percent acceptance rate, according to the Stanford University website.

Mr. VanderLey’s college experience will not affect Ms. VanderLey’s decision. Many people want to follow their family’s legacy when going to college, but for Ms. VanderLey it is different. She wants to make her own path and explore the options that life has to offer her.   

“I just wanted to create a path from myself and do what I think is best for me,” said Ms. VanderLey

Ms. VanderLey applied to her favorite college with a free application which is the University of Washington. She wants to major in Pre-Med and after the initial four years of college she would like to apply for medical school to become a doctor. There is a great medical school at the University of Washington; it is the most popular in the Northwest area.

Outside of school Ms. VanderLey plays soccer and is a hostess at Red Lobster.

“It really does not take up too much time for me,” said Ms. VanderLey regarding her job at Red Lobster.

Ms. VanderLey has time management down to where she is never behind on her school assignments and being on time for work. For me I can’t work during school as I would never get my school work done. Probably the hardest thing for a high school senior to do is manage his or her time as we are done with school and ready for the college experience.

Ms. VanderLey is ready for the college experience and has figured out time management is the key to success in college.

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