Cruisin’ Crusaders

JV bball 2
Coach Barbosa instructs Mr. Nesbitt and Mr. Cabral. Photo by Gerrard Simpkins

By Gerrard Simpkins

Bishop Sullivan’s junior varsity boys basketball team is off to a hot start this season, starting at 13-1. The team is coached by Ricky Barbosa, who has been coaching here since 2005.  Is this the best team he has coached at Bishop Sullivan?

“Pretty close. Each team has its own value of different things like good, bigs guards. Some teams are better than the other, but this is the most complete overall team,” Coach Barbosa said.

This year the Crusaders’ junior varsity team is led by two freshmen: Amir Nesbitt and Jason Ford. The team holds a roster of eleven people: seven freshmen which are Javohn John, Jason Ford, Brandon Jones, Amir Nesbitt, Howard Price, Antonio Tolentino, also known as AJ, and Jordahn Young. Then the remaining five are sophomores: Carlos Cabral, Daniel Dorsey, Emery Napier, Joshua White, and Ridge Wilson.

January 12 the team faced a tough Life Christian team, and they were without star player Amir Nesbitt and key factor Josh White. They were also missing another player, Jahvon John, who had moved up to play on the varsity team at the time but is currently back on junior varsity.

From a bystander’s view this had to be one of the best games played, the team faced a 23 point deficit and made a huge 3rd and 4th quarter comeback with key plays from Mr. Ford who led with 29 points, Mr. Price who gave the team a spark off the bench making things happen, and also Mr.Tolentino and Mr. Jones getting it done on defense and getting buckets when it mattered. The boys ended up winning by two.

Mr. Ford outlined his goals for the remainder of the season.

“Get buckets and just try to make my team better through the process. Also to keep the train moving, and to continue to grow as a player and hopefully keep working to become as big of an impact as I am on jv and soon varsity,” said Mr.Ford.

Be sure to check the team out there next game is next Tuesday, 1/26/2016 5:30 PM at Hampton Roads Academy.

JVn bball 1
JV Boys in action. Photo by Gerrard Simpkins

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