Hudl Revolution

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By Darius Whitehurst and Brandon Gaddy

Saving gas and cash, Hudl is a website that will do both in ways that were recently unheard of until Hudl emerged. is a website that enables coaches to upload game film and trade film with other coaches so that they can study each other’s teams and prepare properly for upcoming games. Hudl also helps athletes select their best plays and create a highlight tape from those selected plays to share with prospective college coaches. Hudl is a website that has been around for a few years, and it has helped revolutionize many high school sports. Hudl has made it easier to watch film, create highlight tapes, and connect with college coaches. It covers a wide range of sports American Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Wrestling.

Watching film before Hudl was always a hassle. It was a very tedious process for the coaches to record film and put it on a VHS and “meet halfway, usually at a McDonalds” said Varsity Football Coach Patrick Cavallario.  It was hard because “it was a 45 minute drive one way, so a total of and hour thirty minute drive,” just tp trade film.

In order for the coaches to transfer film to each other they would have to have a face-to-face meeting with one another. This would take an extra amount of gas and time from both of the coaches that could be used strategizing and planning for the game. Hudl makes it a lot easier to transfer film, making the transfer digital. Hudl allows coaches to upload film to the website and enables them to share the film with other coaches through their Hudl accounts. This provides the coaches with much more time and also allows the players to be able to access each of the game films.

Another advantage to Hudl is it allows student-athletes to make highlight tapes. Within the last decade, players would have to get a person to record their games and make highlights on their own.

Coach Cavallario said that highlights were hard to come by “usually you just gave them a game film so they would see all the blemishes you had, too. Highlight clips were very rare.”Whitehurst Highlight Tape

Now any player can make highlights from the film that is uploaded on Hudl. The website uploads each play of each game as a separate clip and allows players to select their best plays and add them to their highlight tape. After the plays are highlighted the player can begin to make a highlight tape. Once they combine the plays from each game to make a highlight tape, then the can organize the plays by game and add a certain slide to tell which game the highlights came from.

“It has helped me make highlight tapes and gave me the ability to send it out to a lot of coaches,”  said senior football player Bobby Price.  He added, however, that Hudl is not better than hiring a personal recorder because “some plays on Hudl are not that clear and if you have your own person record your highlights they can focus only on you.”

Additionally, highlights can be organized by offense or defense. A title slide can be easily produced and athletes can also showcase their statistics.

Hudl has made it much easier for athletes to connect with college coaches. Coach Cavallario stated that before Hudle “we just had to send a VHS to a college coach and they used to have tubs and tubs of VHS.”

With the creation of Hudl, players are able to send highlight videos directly to college coaches.  The product makes it easier for coaches to scout talent, and as such benefits both sides. They can look an athlete up online and Hudl also allows coaches to see stats and combine information to make a decision if they want and athlete or not.

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