Don’t Look Under The Bed…

By Maddie Cowan

With Halloween just around the corner, people everywhere are getting excited for the holiday. Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic tradition that celebrated the end of the summer and harvest season, and brought in the long cold winter ahead. However, in modern day when people think of Halloween, they think costumes, candy, and being scared… but, why do people love being scared?

According to Dr. Robi Ludwig, a Today Show contributor, “On a psychological level there’s an appeal to vicariously experience what’s forbidden, bizarre or dark.”

Scary movies are a perfect way to seek this thrill. People watch scary movies to be frightened but have the comfort of being in no real danger.

“Every time I watch a scary movie, I get really tense, curl up in a ball, and cover my face with my hands and look through the space between my fingers because as scared as I am… I can’t stop watching,” said senior Ally Houser.

The scary movie is a wide genre with lots of variety — a classic monster, a ghost tale, or a psycho-slasher thriller. Recently, scary movies have been using the “found footage” technique in which it is filmed as if it was on a handheld camera to create a deeper sense of reality.

“To me, the scariest movies are the ones that feel real,” said senior Naomi Vanderley.

In the next few weeks, there are new scary movies coming to theaters. October 15, is the premiere of a new haunted mystery, Crimson Peak. On October 23, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension will be released as the sixth movie in the popular franchise. Even in December, Krampus, a movie that finds the horror in christmas, will be coming to theaters just in time for the holidays.

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