Future FBI Agent Lands at Bishop Sullivan: Maddi Fink

Ms. Fink. Photo by Mike Cipolla.
Ms. Fink. Photo by Mike Cipolla.

by Mike Cipolla

Junior Maddi Fink is a transfer from Oscar Smith High School in Chesapeake. Before attending Oscar Smith, Ms. Fink went to St. Matthews, so she is not new to catholic school. She was born on November 18, 1998, in Jacksonville, Florida.

“I transferred to Bishop Sullivan because it is my dream to get into UVA and I feel like I have a better opportunity to do that here,” said Ms. Fink.

UVA has very high admission standards, the average GPA to be admitted is a 4.2. Ms. Fink wants to major in something difficult when she gets there as well.

“I want to major in forensic psychology,” said Ms. Fink.   

Forensic psychology is the research aspect behind solving and preventing crimes. Ms. Fink plans on using her degree in forensic psychology to have a career in the Central Intelligence Agency or Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Ms. Fink is also interested in music. She expresses her interest by playing a few different instruments.

“I play several instruments including the bass guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and the bass drum in the band,” said Ms. Fink.   She will also be a member of the girls basketball team.

Ms. Fink will not have a problem completing her requirement for volunteer hours because she already volunteers.

“During the summer I volunteer in the gift shop at CHKD [Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters],” said Ms. Fink.

Ms. Fink’s favorite place she has ever visited is Victoria, Canada, because “the scenery was incredible and everybody was so nice it made me hate America.”

Ms. Fink has an odd pet peeve. With a laugh Ms. Fink said, “My biggest pet peeve is when I see somebody eating a sandwich and they put it down before they’re finished. I literally cannot stand it and I don’t know why!”  

Ms. Fink describes herself in 3 words: “stubborn, honest, and nerdy.” Many people also describe her as enchanting and funny, and as more students at Bishop Sullivan get to know her, they will realize this, too.

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