Channing Tatum? No, Mike Cipolla.

Mr. Cipolla.  Photo by Maddi Fink.
Mr. Cipolla. Photo by Maddi Fink.

by Maddi Fink

As varsity football captain, senior offensive lineman, Michael Cipolla, has proven to be more than just #77. Watching the New York Giants throughout his childhood sparked the interest that began his football career during his 7th grade year at Larkspur Middle School. He started as an offensive lineman and continues to lead the Crusaders on the offensive side.

Football to Mr. Cipolla is more than just the game on the field.

“You know, how much the crowd gets into the game and the way it hypes you up. It’s just the best sport in my opinion,” said Mr. Cipolla.

Born in Rhode Island, Mr. Cipolla moved to Virginia at the age of five and has thrived here ever since. He grew up in public school until he made the decision to transfer to Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School for his junior year when Princess Anne High School’s football team did not meet the offensive lineman’s expectations.

Although Mr. Cipolla “may be joining Team Blizzard [basketball] this winter,” he has no other sports interests. Even so, plans to take his sports career through college tend to “tackle” the dream of being an East Carolina University Pirate or a Virginia Tech Hokie.

“I do not have any offers yet, but I have interests from some pretty good schools such as ECU [East Carolina], Virginia Tech, VMI [Virginia Military Institute], and ODU [Old Dominion],” said Mr. Cipolla.

College seems to be a focal point in this senior’s life. With an undecided college major, he has an interest in history and sports management. Having college around the corner, Mr. Cipolla is excited to graduate this May.

“I feel like I’ve been in high school forever,” he said. “This is my third high school, so I guess I’m just ready to  get on with the next chapter of my life and get to college.”

Although Mr. Cipolla is very dedicated to his football career, he spends his free time with friends, playing video games, swimming, or sleeping.

“Rest is very important to me,” he adds.

Mr. Cipolla has a very distinctive outlook on life. Without hesitation, he claimed his biggest inspiration to be himself, but he easily gets embarrassed when his mother  turns the music up loudly while she drops him off at his destination.  He remembers the kindest thing someone has ever said to him was, “Michael, you’re not that ugly,” but insists Channing Tatum would be the best actor to play the ultimate role of his biographical cinema.

In another dimension, Mr. Cipolla is a very talented poet, though he would never admit it.

In the midst of an unexceptional conversation, the high school football captain made a very aimless, yet amusing statement regarding ferryboats.

“I love ferries, bro. It’s like a public bus, but for water!” Mr. Cipolla said.

This goes to show that while Mr. Cipolla has a very serious front, he is certainly an a typical, open-minded, engaging high school student whom many people enjoy being around.

Mr. Cipolla #77. Photo courtesy of BSCHS.
Mr. Cipolla #77. Photo courtesy of BSCHS.

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