An Aspiring Artist: Maddie Cowan

Ms. Cowen. Photo by Turner Carter.
Ms. Cowen. Photo by Turner Carter.

On the weekends you might find senior Maddie Cowan at the oceanfront or maybe just “wandering,” but definitely not into any Subway restaurants because they give her anxiety.

“They ask me so many questions, I just want my sandwich to look like the picture; I don’t know what’s on it,” Ms. Cowan said.

Ms. Cowan was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she has attended catholic school since kindergarten.

“I don’t know anything else,” Ms. Cowan said when asked if she liked catholic school.

Now that she’s a senior she is starting to weigh her college options.

“I like VCU,” said Ms. Cowan. “I want to study art history and they have a good art program.”

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), is located in Richmond, Virginia. It’s a public school that is known for art and design. According to VCU’s website they are ranked first in the country as a public university art school and fourth in the country overall.

When thinking about a future career Ms. Cowan said, “A museum curator would be cool.”

It’s not surprising that Chrysler Museum of Art is Ms. Cowan’s favorite museum. The Chrysler museum is located in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. It is the main art museum for the Hampton Roads area.

“I first went to the Chrysler Museum when I was young, with my parents,” Ms. Cowan said. “I’ve always liked painting and drawing.”

“My uncle is an artist,” Ms. Cowan said. Her great uncle, Ralph Wolfe Cowan, inspired her interest in art. “He really inspires me, even though I’ve only met him about five times.”

Ralph Wolfe Cowan, who resides in Florida, painted Pope John Paul II in 1984 and also painted the royal family of Monaco in 1956. He has even painted the infamous Donald Trump.  According to, Mr. Cowan is considered to be the number one portrait painter in the  world.

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