“I just have to be around football.” Darius Whitehurst

Mr. Whitehurst. Photo by Hannah Amburn
Mr. Whitehurst. Photo by Hannah Amburn

by Hannah Amburn

Darius Jordan Whitehurst started football like most men, at a young age. As he entered high school he also joined the track team where he threw shot put. In the spring of 2015, Mr. Whitehurst was the VISAA state champion in shot put. But his real love is on the football field.

When Mr. Whitehurst is not on the field he is often watching drills and opponents in football films. His nine year old brother Isaiah is a rising football player and often they practice together. This year, his senior year, Mr. Whitehurst, with his skills as a outside and middle linebacker, said, “I plan to win the state championship, hopefully.”

But Mr. Whitehurst is not all brawn and no brains. This 6’0” 215 pound linebacker has a plan: to get a college scholarship for football. He hopes to get a scholarship from James Madison University, Norfolk State and others. But he won’t take just any scholarship. Mr. Whitehurst wants to know the coach and his style first. He prefers a hard coaching style on the field, but off the field he needs a down-to-earth coach.

“They have to be able to make that switch,” Mr. Whitehurst said. It’s easier for Mr. Whitehurst to work with a coach that is tough on him but that connect with off the field.

His dream is to make it to the National Football League, but Mr. Whitehurst has a fall-back plan. In ten years he sees himself as a financial advisor, if he’s not in the NFL. In fact, his favorite subjects in school are math and science. Mr. Whitehurst has given a lot of thought to his major for college. “Should I be a biology major or financial,” he questions himself; he’s struggling between the two. Both subjects come easy to him, but Mr. Whitehurst just wants to help people in his future career.

Along with brains and brawn, he is a also a leader. Many a student, without hesitation, can confirm his good character.

“[Darius is] very kind, a leader in class and on the field” said senior Mike Cipolla, a football teammate.

Whether it be in class or on the field, he can control any situation and be the one to make a responsible decision. His cool confidence makes him approachable and personable. He can always been seen with a warm smile that makes people want to be around him.

Mr. Whitehurst plans to have a family and stable income when he grows up. But, his love for football will never quit. If he can’t make it to the NFL, he hopes to coach football. He will try to make his way up the coaching ladder to coach college one day. Being around football is like breathing for Mr. Whitehurst, without it he’s not complete.

Mr. Whitehurst on the tackle. Photo courtesy of hudl.com.
Mr. Whitehurst on the tackle. Photo courtesy of hudl.com.

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