Another Day, Another Dollar, Another Year, Another Transfer: Breyon Gaddy

 Breyon Gaddy on the tackle, Brandon Gaddy (#8), Brett Lopez (#51), and Devonta Townsend (#78) Photo courtesy of BSCHS.
Breyon Gaddy on the tackle, Brandon Gaddy (#8), Brett Lopez (#51), and Devonta Townsend (#78)
Photo courtesy of BSCHS.

by Critt Johnson

Meet junior Breyon Gaddy, one of Bishop Sullivan’s newest football transfers. Nicknamed “Big Baby,” he is anything but, standing at 6 feet 5 inches tall and 300 pounds.

Why did he come to Bishop Sullivan?

“My other school wasn’t doing right as far as academics and I wanted to get more offers,” said Mr. Gaddy who transferred from Booker T. Washington.

Booker T.  posted a record of 9-4 in football last year and lost in the semifinals game for the division 4A high school playoffs.

Mr.Gaddy comes to Bishop Sullivan with 13 NCAA Division I offers, including  Notre Dame, Miami, Tennessee, Florida State, Virginia, and Norfolk State just to name a few.  Some of these programs are the top 25 in the country.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) with a membership of nearly 1,100 schools, according to The NCAA has three main divisions in which sports are played, with other minor divisions. DI, DII, and DIII, are how the main divisions are categorized, and the NCAA determines each division by how many boys and girls teams the college sponsors.

DI schools are usually the biggest and are seen on national television each Saturday in the fall for football. Getting a DI offer is the hardest to get and is almost every athlete’s goal.

His first offer came from Florida State when he was a freshman at Booker T., and he gained the offer on a tackle.

“I picked a boy up and threw him on his neck,” said Mr. Gaddy.

With these offers, and while still growing and getting better on the field, Mr. Gaddy is ranked the No. 2 Defensive Tackle in all of Virginia; the No. 3 Defensive Tackle in the country; and No. 40 among all players in his class, ranked by 24/7 Sports. 24/7 Sports is a nationally recognized website with a reputation for accurately ranking players.

Not yet verbally committed, Mr. Gaddy is still being recruited by big DI schools who would love to have him as their next big time defensive tackle.

Even though Mr. Gaddy has made no commitment to any schools, his tops programs of interest as of now are Clemson, University of Miami, and Oregon. Why?

“They have good academics, and a lot of beautiful girls, and theys jeresys is sick,” said Mr. Gaddy.

Now that recruiting season for colleges has resumed, DI college coaches and recruiters will be coming back in full force to try to get Mr. Gaddy’s interest.

Mr. Gaddy’s twin brother, Brandon Gaddy, also transferred to Bishop Sullivan with Mr. Gaddy this year. Brandon Gaddy is  6 foot 5 inch 260 pounds and plays a variety of positions on both sides of the ball.

It has been made known to all college coaches that wherever Mr. Gaddy goes, he and his brother are a package deal.

We are a package deal. If you get me, you’ve got to take him, too,” said Mr. Gaddy in an interview with Thomas Black on

While attending college, Mr. Gaddy hopes to be majoring in culinary arts with a minor in business.

“To cook and own my own business,” said Mr. Gaddy.

Even though Mr. Gaddy’s main focus is football, he is also planning to play on the hardwood and help the Bishop Sullivan basketball team out.

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